Analytical Informatics CEO Chris Meenan named Entrepreneur of the Year

At the University of Maryland Founders Week celebration in Baltimore Maryland, Analytical Informatics Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Chris Meenan was honored as the University of Maryland Baltimore Entrepreneur of the Year.  Mr. Meenan was recognized by Dr. Jay Perman, President of the University of Maryland Baltimore for his work with Analytical Informatics, a University of Maryland Startup that launched from the School of Medicine in 2011.

Meenan and his co-founders launched Analytical Informatics to commercialize  software technology they invented as employees of the University of Maryland and University of Maryland Medical Center.  The software that Meenan and his team created was designed to improve operational efficiency and has been proven in large health facilities.  The tools that the team created at Maryland were just the beginning of their efforts to provide better information tools to hospital leaders, Meenan said.  "In addition to the visionary innovators at Maryland, we now work with thought leaders and leading institutions across the country who are passionate about improving quality, efficiency and care."  Meenan said referring to the Informatics Innovation Consortium that was founded in 2012.   "We have broad opportunities to create the next wave of informatics technologies that will have a meaningful impact on people’s lives, tools that truly make a difference.” 

About Analytical Informatics:

Analytical Informatics, Inc. is a Baltimore-based Health Informatics Company that was launched from the University of Maryland Baltimore / University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2011.   Analytical's products include AI Bridge, a data aggregation and EMR middleware platform that powers suites of clinical analytics and mobile health tools.   For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit