Founded by members of the imaging informatics team from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, our team works directly with clinicians building innovative software that solves real problems in healthcare.  After a decade of developing workflow and quality improvement software and featured mentions in national journals and industry press, we decided to create a state of the art software company to rival the best in any industry.

We believe in innovative software that helps clinicians by providing real-time information and solve workflow problems.    We want to change the way people think about software in healthcare.  Join us in the revolution!


Chris Meenan

With a background in the design, implementation and support of innovative technologies in both commercial and clinical environments, Chris brings almost 15 years of technical leadership and business experience to the delivery of high-performance clinical information systems.  Chris has served on the faculty of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and is an MBA student at Johns Hopkins University.


Mark Daly

A graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Mark has significant expertise in computer engineering, system design and software development.  He brings over a decade of experience developing software applications in Radiology and other clinical departments, as well as proven experience in supporting mission critical clinical applications for multiple customers nationwide.


Christopher Toland

A recognized expert in systems architecture and integration, Christopher brings significant commercial expertise in the delivery of high-performance architectures working for such companies as Hewlett Packard and Time Warner.  He has been a passionate advocate for the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiatives, serving as a IHE Connect-a-thon monitor for over 5 years and teaches systems integration, HL7 and DICOM.  He brings world-class customer advocacy and over 10 years proven experience in hospital system architectures.


Max Warnock

Max has over 10 years experience as a software design architect and developer with a history of successful delivery of innovative clinical software tools.  Max has been recognized as an informatics industry thought-leader and has co-authored several peer review articles on business intelligence, management and clinical quality tools for radiology, surgery and other clinical departments.