The greatest benefit of this advanced system is that it truly impacts patient care. My colleagues are energized about positively impacting patient care; they no longer view peer review as a regulatory requirement. We are now finding errors that are important to diagnosis and treatment within hours instead of 3 months later
— David Mark Yousem, MD., Vice Chairman of Radiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Peer Review thats more than just compliance

Many radiologists view the peer review process as a simple compliance endeavor without meaningful impact to patient care, and its easy to see why.  Typical peer review software can be disruptive to radiologist workflow, prompting physicians to review cases from months ago that may not even match their speciality. More often than not, neither patients or radiologists benefit from the process. 


Developed with Johns Hopkins and inspired by ACR Imaging 3.0

What if Peer Review could be more?  Developed with radiologists at the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center and inspired by the American College of Radiology's Imaging 3.0 vision,  Advanced Peer Review reimagines the peer review process to focus on positive impact to patient care and meaningful radiologist education.  Advanced Peer Review has been proven to positively impact patient care and provide radiologists with actionable feedback that truly impacts clinical performance.   

Features designed to improve quality and impact patient care:

Advanced Logic:  Matches the correct exams for specialty review within hours instead of weeks or months.

Real-time Feedback: Radiologists receive feedback on the type of error they made so they can learn and improve.

Easy Adjudication: Closed loop, private communications.

Tough Cases: Identify appropriate cases for conferences or as training aids.

Request Consults: Request an over-read or consult for difficult cases.


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