All our solutions are built on Bridge, a platform for healthcare applications. Bridge enables developers to take advantage of common infrastructure. From HIPAA auditing and authentication to EMR and PACS data, developers can focus on building their applications instead of integration and deployment.

Getting Started


Robust Documentation

We provide robust documentation for application developers that include a complete walk through of building an application, API references, change logs, and explanation of the data model. All is accessible in one public portal.

Developer Chat

Have development questions? We have our development team ready to answer them in our developer chat room.


Single Sign-on

Role based single sign on authentication ensure your data is well- protected and that you only enter your password once to access all applications.

Unified Data Model

Through a unified, semantically understood data model applications developed for the AI platform work the same everywhere.

Centralized HIPAA Auditing

All PHI views are centrally logged with context on the AI platform and we provide a web interface for your administrators to view those logs.

Clinical Client Integration

Through our context integration software applications can launch or sync with your PACS/RIS/HIS viewer.

Service Tools

AI Bridge includes a robust set of service tools that can be used for data governance, tracking individual datum to their source, viewing the data within the platform, and viewing the incoming data and subsequent transformation steps.

Truly Real-Time

We don't just aggregate your data in real-time, we deliver it to applications in real-time. No need for polling enables scalable, tactical applications.


Our SDK brings all the features of the AI Platform to developers in an easy and documented package.


Hospitals with the Bridge platform can easily add applications built by AI as well as thought leaders from a ever growing marketplace. Want an application that doesn't already exist in our marketplace, build you own or contact Analytical for help.